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COVID-19 Booking Guarantee


If you are considering making a new booking please don’t let the current situation put you off! If Government restrictions prevent us from running the course you have booked, or would like to book, we will offer you a 100% refund or an alternative date that suits you..

While government restrictions are in place but we can still provide sailing courses, we will be taking extra steps to ensure your safety. As guidelines change so will our policy.

In the short term we would only allow a maximum of 3 people from different households plus the instructor on board. Hopefuly we will soon move back to pre COVID freedom and we will then allow 4 and 5 plus the instructor.

Crew numbers may change in the following situations.

  • 3 people from 3 different households plus the instructor
  • 2 people from the same household who would share a cabin plus 2 people from different households plus the instructor
  • 4 people from 2 separate households, each pair share a cabin plus the instructor
  • 4 from the same household/workplace plus the instructor

Out of respect for your fellow crew mates we would encourage you to minimise contact with other  people as much as possible for five days prior to your course.

When you join your course you will be creating a new family “Bubble” with your crew mates. A boat “Bubble”!

  • We will do our best not to mix with others not belonging to our crew,
  • We will keep shore time to a minimum.
  • We will provide sanitiser, face coverings and always sanitise when returning to the boat from showers etc.

It is important to understand that it is not possible to socially distance from fellow crew mates at all times whilst on the boat.


Can I have my own cabin – yes.You will either have you own cabin or the saloon to yourself

Can I sleep ashore – No. You would be breaking the Crew Bubble exposing everyone to outside influences eg hotel staff, B&B owners etc

How will food be prepared on board?

Food will be prepared be the crew as it usually would, extra attention will need to be paid to hand washing.

Can I use the heads?

Yes.Plenty of hand soap will be provided along with cleaning spays to wipe down surfaces before and after use.

How will we socially distance on board?

As much time as possible will be spent in the great outdoors on deck.Our boats have sizeable cockpits and saloons.

Briefings can be conducted in a manner that allows people to stay at least 1 metre apart.

Briefings that don’t need to take place on board can happen on the pontoon.

What about lifejackets and Foul weather gear?

There will always be a 5 day break between, boat, life jackets and foul weather gear being used by another crew..

Contact Tracing

We will have contact details of everyone on board. If anyone feels unwell after a course we ask that you tell us straight away. We will then be able to inform other people from the same course.

What if the course can’t run?

As ever, if we are unable to run the course for whatever reason we will offer you credit to a future booking or a full and immediate refund.

Travelling from abroad?

Unless you can follow the quarantine guidelines at the time of your course please do not book.